About Us

QDS Egypt, Leading The Market Forward

Since its establishment in 2007, Quality Durable Systems (QDS) has been spearheading the market under the visionary leadership of Mr. Sherif Abdul Azim. With a relentless commitment to excellence, QDS has continually pushed the boundaries by introducing the most powerful and cutting-edge brands and technology into the market. By curating a diverse portfolio of industry-leading brands, QDS ensures that customers have access to the latest innovations, robust hardware solutions, and immersive experiences that redefine what is possible in the digital realm. Through strategic partnerships and meticulous market research, QDS has been instrumental in bridging the gap between technology enthusiasts and the hardware they need to fulfill their aspirations. By consistently providing top-tier products and delivering on its promise of uncompromising quality, QDS has become synonymous with reliability, performance, and customer satisfaction. As QDS continues to lead the way in the hardware market, it remains committed to empowering individuals and organizations with the tools they need to unlock their full potential and embark on a transformative digital journey.

In late 2016, QDS formulated a strategic plan to broaden its product portfolio and venture into new markets, leading to the establishment of our security division. By mid-2017, we solidified a partnership with Dahua Technology, one of our key collaborators, and since then, we have been actively expanding our foothold in the security market. QDS also engages with renowned tier one vendors such as AMD, NVIDIA, Sapphire Tech, AOC Gaming, Agon, XPG, ADATA, BitFenix, Gamdias, ASRock, FSP, and PNY, further reinforcing our commitment to working with industry-leading brands and delivering top-quality solutions.

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