About Us

Since 2007 and QDS Egypt leading the Egyptian hardware market forward under the management of Mr. SheirefAbdul Azim towards a new level by providing the most powerful brands of computer Hardware into the local Egyptian market, So that The Egyptian users can experience the ultimate performance..

QDS Egypt targets the Egyptian retailers and end users as we always deliver the best quality and reliability products to the Egyptian market and we also offers the most satisfied warranty program compared to other competitors also our duty doesn’t end to deliver the best quality products but also to serve our customers after the purchasing order with services like online support, as we are an IT company so our products integrated with the most advanced technology from our partners to be the first to deliver it to the Egyptian market, and we always seeking to expand our products portfolio and our markets shares through the company total performance and we always care about our partners profitability in the first place, our philosophy summarized to gain our customers confidence and loyalty through our  professional ethics and fair competitiveness with the support of our managerial techniques and we will inshallah create a healthy and profitability market. Your service is our care and together we will lead the Egyptian Hardware market forward.

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